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We cut NON-SKID floors for dry healthy hooves

Grandview Concrete Grooving Inc. is an established business specializing in farm animal comfort and safety through the installation of Diamond Wheel Grooving of all livestock traffic areas of concrete flooring in dairy, beef, swine barns, stockyards and packing plants. Payback is very quick because cull rates due to lameness average less than 3% on gcg diamond pattern grooved floors versus cull rates as high as 25% without grooving. Cut grooves on a smooth floor will engage the hooves of the cattle fully, and prevent them from slipping and falling.

Cut grooves remain square and sharp for the life of the floor


Some of the added benefits of diamond wheel grooving are:

  • uses diamond wheel to cut grooves - engineer approved, no hammering, no stone chips or chards
  • safest, perminent traction for cows
  • grooved floors dry off faster
  • cows show heat because the superior traction does not inhibit mounting
  • the required movements of stepping up, stepping down, walking, turning and mounting are supported
  • older high producing cows stay in the herd longer
  • safer walking surfaces for people


Hammered or textured floors
  • compromises the concrete
  • creates sharp edges
  • grinds cow's hooves resulting in sore feet
  • scraper will buff floor smooth in six months
Rubber floors:
  • 4x the price
  • slippery when wet
  • harbour bacteria
  • do not last

Our machines are custom made for manoeuverability and the ability to cut new and existing concrete 1/2" wide by min. 3/8" deep at approximatey 4" centres. A standard water garden hose fitting is all that is required for hookup. The cutting operation is dustless as the diamond blades require water spraying on them at the rate of 4 G.P.M. to keep them cooled.

Who Are We At GCG?

Vern Foley.  Dip. An. Hub., President gcg., Farmer since 1975 on family Century Farm, Grooving experience since 1985.

John Foley, B.Eng, MBA, Vice President

Greg Moryc, CHSO, PMP, Business Operations Manager

Miriam Foley, Director of Marketing

Colin Jetha, Controller

1.888.447.6684 (1.888.4grooving)



Sales Representatives

Vern Foley.  t: 1.888.447.6684
Dip. An. Hub., President gcg., Farmer since 1975 on family Century Farm, Grooving experience since 1985.